Apps for Flooring

Apps For Leading Global Leaders

Try out these apps to see if they are of any benefit to you when trying to define what products you should use for your upcoming project. Or use these apps to showcase the product you would like to specify to your customers. These apps are from Leading Global Brands e.g. Altro, ARDEX, Genesis, Interface, and COBAEurope.

Apps for Flooring

ARDEX Datasheets & Calculators (APP)

With the ARDEX Datasheet & Calculators link, you have access to the technical datasheets and the calculators that will help you determine how much subfloor products you require for that particular job. This will be very useful to avoid waste or specifying the wrong product at the initial stages of projects. You can access this app here.

ALTRO Space Visualiser (APP)

The Altro Space Visualiser is an easy online tool that lets you add Altro Floors and Walls to your own photographs. It will help your designers, contractors or colleagues visualise what the project will look like when finished. It is a perfect tool for designers etc.. to coordinate colours and functionality at the early stages of a project with all stakeholders. It also allows you, to communicate the Unique Selling Point of the product and why it would be of benefit to the stakeholder in question to use this particular product. You can access this app here.

Interface Visualiser (APP)

Need to explore how your modular flooring can work with your project? With this app you can browse by product or pattern type to show a floor to your designers, contractors or colleagues, to see if it’s suitable for the project. You can also change colours to suit your design and download the photo or pin it to Pinterest for referencing later. You can access this app here.

Genesis Product Selector (APP)

A project isn’t complete unless you apply high-quality finishes e.g. Trims, Nosings, Movement Joints, Lighting, etc… This is an excellent app that allows your designers, contractors, or colleagues visualise where and what finishes are required prior to installation. It’s also a good way to promote the Unique Selling Point of the products you install and why you’re installing them there, to your Stakeholders. You can access this app here.

COBAEurope Mats In Mind (APP)

The Mats in Mind app is a great app that includes technical data sheets and matting features, allowing the user to quickly narrow down their search for the perfect matting solution for their business environment. COBAEuropes’ aim, is to ensure that the end-user gets the right matting for the job, and also the safest and most suited to their premises. You can access this app here.

If you have difficulty with any of the above apps, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will guide you through it.

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