Are your Wallsheets Fire Resistant?

An Important Question To Ask Prior To Installation?

Are your wallsheets fire resistant? A very important question that should be asked prior to installation!

The selection of wall sheets and systems is a vital decision when designing or refurbishing a building, from both an aesthetic and a safety perspective.
Not every wall sheet system meets current Fire Safety Regulations. So be sure to ask the question and ask for the cert?

Altro Whiterock gives you EN 13501-1 B-s3 d0, BS476 Part 7 Class 1 and BS 476 Part 6 Class 0.

To help ensure a safe installation, utilize Altros Fire Safety Checklist below to reduce the likelihood of putting others, or indeed yourself, at risk!

An interesting BLOG was written by Altro on this topic, if you would like to have a read and find out some more, please click here..

If you would like to view the checklist, please see it below or to download this checklist, then a copy of Altros Fire Safety Checklist can be found here

Altros Wallsheet Fire Resistant Check List

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