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Breffni Group Hall Renovation

Job Description

The aim of the project was to install hygienic wall cladding on the walls as per the customer’s request to give a hygienic appearance and ease of maintenance in a busy work environment.

It was decided between the client and the contractor that Altro Whiterock White™ with its impact-resistant, impermeable, grout-free and easy maintenance was the best solution for the project.

Prior to installation the walls were prepped and primed for the installation of this Hygienic Wall Cladding to make it a safe, hygienic, decorative and fire-compliant area.

The Altro Whiterock White™ sheet used was the 2500 x 1220mm / 2.5mm, applied to the wall using the AltroFix Adhesive and Altro Welding Tape and finished with the Altro White Weld to give it the high quality finish expected from ALTRO.


Products Used:

These are the individual items that help make up the ALTRO Whiterock System, giving you product warranty and fire compliance.
Work was completed by SD Flooring, Blessington, Co. Wicklow.
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