Cove & Cap with ROMTACK Contact Adhesive Tape – Installation

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Have you tried out the solvent-free ROMUS Double- Sided Tape to stick Skirting, Capping & Coving?

ROMUS 98230 & ROMUS 98260 is the highly effective contact adhesive tape made from solvent-free and aging resistant polyacrylate with balanced characteristics for adhesive strength and shear strength. This product is becoming very popular!

Currently In Stock:

  • 35mm x 50m
  • 85mm x 50m

This product is a double-sided, multifunctional contact adhesive tape. It allows the optimal fastening of materials between them, wooden and PVC skirting, and other plastics. Due to its high coating weight, the multifunctional tape is especially used for bonding on rough fibrous and uneven wall structures. Therefore recesses can be equalized with adhesive compounds.

Technical Summary – ROMUS 98230 & ROMUS 98260

Adhesive Carrier:Polyester Scrim
Adhesive Material:Acrylic
Thickness:0.44 – 0.46mm
Peel Adhesion:≥ 25 N/25 mm (DIN EN 1939)*
Shear adhesion:500 g/625 mm² (DIN EN 1943)*
Processing temperature:+5 °C à +30 °C
Temperature resistance:-20 °C à +80 °C
Condensation water resistance:High
Ageing resistance:High

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