Genesis Pro Caulking Gun

Genesis Pro Caulking gun – Rodless Construction – Narrow Space Application

Genesis has launched a Genesis Pro Caulking Gun. It is a lightweight and smooth cartridge gun without a protruding rod. It’s great to facilitate work in confined spaces and it is made of impact-resistant nylon and steel.

Specification of the Gun:

Genesis Pro Caulking Gun (2)
  • Rodless Construction
  • Ideal for narrow space application
  • Ideal for use with latex and silicone caulks
  • Pitch: 9mm
  • Weight: 670g

How to Use the Gun:

  • Hold Handle at back (do not squeeze trigger)
  • Press and hold release plate
  • Push forward on knob at top
  • Load cartridge

If you would like to look a the caulking gun, pop in and give it a try. Or call us on 01-4568060 if you have any queries on this product.

For Samples or Pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 01-4568060 | | HOME

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