Interface Designing For Distance

Interface leading – A NEW WAY FORWARD IN 2020 – Carpet Tiles.

Wayforwarding & Rezoning Carpet Tiles

During these challenging business times, contractors are always trying to provide cost-effective but aesthetically pleasing Safe Distancing solutions to their customers that will last beyond these restricting times.

By using Wayfinding carpet tiles on the floor, we can provide innovative ways to move people through spaces, keeping them apart whilst still keeping people connected.

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Way Forward Image

Interface Maintenance – Creating Safe, Hygienic and Well Maintained Systems

As companies plan to return to offices and workplaces, it’s important to put in place the proper cleaning procedures. Interface has launched some maintenance guides to keep your carpet tile, LVT, and rubber flooring hygienic and safe for people to return.


Post COVID19 – WorkSpaces Guide

The Interface Design Team have worked hard to put together various solutions post COVID19 for the WorkSpaces. Well worth a read and you might getting some ideas for that next project!


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