Kennedy Flooring A5 Slimline Nosings

One of the main products that GENESIS specialize in, are Stair Nosings, these are an essential finish to all commercial staircases. They provide extra slip resistance on your staircase aiding in the health & safety of your premises. They also offer a visual guide highlighting the impending edge of the thread.

Featuring in this BLOG are the Genesis SLIMLINE Aluminium NOSINGS. This Profile is designed to be used in most commercial and industrial applications with a coloured PVC insert. It is available in a 3mm gauge allowing for fixing with Vinyl, linoleum, and medium carpets or similar floor covering.

Standard PVC Inserts

A REACH compliant flexible PVC extrusion grade specifically designed for non-scuff stair nosing applications with good anti-slip properties; to our knowledge our inserts
achieve the best slip resistance results in the market.

Tredsafe® Insert

Tredsafe insert is manufactured from a special blend of P.V.C., silica quartz, and polymeric plasticizer giving a homogeneous hard-wearing anti-slip flooring for wet and dry conditions. Tredsafe insert is resistant to attack from ultraviolet light, oil, grease, petrol, salt, dilute acids and alkalis, common household chemicals, and detergents. Organic solvents will soften the Tredsafe insert. Tredsafe insert is produced with a polyurethane coating which reduces dirt retention. The three-dimensional pyramid pattern which provides excellent slip resistance in the wet will require more care than a smooth flooring surface. As with any flooring, regular maintenance is important to prevent excessive soiling. Cleaning is best achieved by scrubbing with a bristle brush in conjunction with warm soapy water. Commercial cleaning machines such as the “Scrub-Vac” are also suitable.

In Stock

We have various Slimline Aluminium Profiles in stock within the offices in Kennedy Flooring. You have the option of using Flexyfix or having them drilled, that all depends on the area of application. If your not sure what profile to use, call the office and we will be happy to help you.

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